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Quitting Is the Habit of Losers

“Life is difficult”, reads the first sentence of author Scott Peck’s book “The Road Less Traveled”. Pretty much sums up the book and the experience of most people. – especially today. The reaction to any adversity, challenge or difficulty for most people is to quit and throw in the towel. They act as if they […]

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Sales Advice: Problems with Budget

If you are dealing with money objections on the back end when you give a presentation or a proposal, you fail to have a frank and open discussion on the front end. If they don’t have money or they’re unwilling to invest the money, you can’t change that. It is what it is! There are a time […]

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Sales Advice: Peeling the Onion

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I learned in counseling that the clients’ presenting problem that they came into to talk to me about was NEVER the real problem. The real problem was three… four… or five… eight… twelve… twenty seven layers deeper than that. This is because they did not understand what the problem was. See, if they understood what […]

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