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Effective Sales Management: Accountability

Unfortunately, we live in a modern culture that does not emphasize personal responsibility. The result is an epidemic of excuse making. It is not my fault is the prevailing attitude of the masses. The sales manager is charged with the responsibility of setting proper expectations, developing systems to track and record sales activities and results […]

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Gaining Trust By Reading The Prospect’s Mind

According to Joseph E. LeDoux, Ph.D., a world-renowned neuroscientist at New York University, trust is a social emotion. It is the ability to put yourself in the mind of another and predict what they are thinking or what they will do. Psychologists call this the “theory of mind.” To provoke trust, a sales person has […]

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Ten Principles of Subconscious Programming

The human brain is a physiological organ which, through a specific electrochemical process, collects, processes, stores, and acts on information it receives. Information presented to the subconscious mind triggers both a physiological response and psychological response. Any information presented to the subconscious mind is always linked to, and affected by, previously stored information. The subconscious […]

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