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Five Qualities That Make Salespeople Great

Here they are: Empathy – according to Herb Greenberg, CEO of Caliper and author of How To Hire Your Next Top Performer; “empathy is the ability to sense the reactions of other people. It is the ability to pick up the subtle clues and cues provided by others in order to accurately assess what they […]

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Sales Manager Roles

The job of a sales manager is not to grow sales but to recruit, grow and develop salespeople. The sales manager’s job is to set the course and direction of the sales team by developing and implementing the most efficient system of selling the company’s products and services. By his/her statements and actions, the successful […]

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Become A Doctor Of Selling

Psychologists tell us that while there are three major buying motives, (pain, fear, pleasure); by far the most common reason people buy is to eliminate psychological pain. Something is wrong in their personal or business lives that they want fixed and they are prepared to pay to fix it. The best sales professionals never really […]

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